The Story so Far

Brief Summary of the Campaign

The story began on a ship traveling from Lutetia [Portugal] to the Roman colony of Atlanta – an island across the Atlantic Ocean. Newly-appointed Legate Adeline Aurelius and Provincial Praetor Titus Caecius met two travelers, Set and Vala, on the ship while investigating some commotion during the voyage (these travelers had gotten into a fight with some mercenary types – two men that had assaulted Vala). Many bold or ambitious people were traveling to the colony to adventure in search of artifacts that had been popping up in the region. Upon arrival, Titus set about his new project of forming an adventuring party of his own while Vala, Set, and Adeline separately looked for news about artifacts, each for their own reasons.

Over the course of their first day in the new city, Set, Vala, and Adeline were brought together by Titus, finding that joining together would best serve their individual goals of finding artifacts. Settling into her new role as commander of legions in the colony, Adeline was also involved in a recruiting effort of her own, finding spellcasters who could teach her legionaries how to deal with magic. In this way, she was introduced to a penniless scholar, Theo, who was eager to find work and to get his mind off recent events back in Europe. This young spellcaster not only offered to help the legion but even went with Adeline to the home of Titus in the interest of looking into these artifacts that might help him learn more about magic.

Before embarking on their search, the group prepared a base of operations bought by Titus out in the wilds, less than a day south of the colonial city of Primaterra. With this done, they investigated reports about some legionaries being attacked and robbed of a shipment.

[to be continued…



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