Adeline Aurelius

Just an honest cop with everything left to lose.



Adeline is made of blue stone, with orange mineral veins running throughout. She has long orange hair, which she ties back, and keeps two silver rings linked together on a chain around her neck. She wears heavy metal armour, and carries a longsword and a shield emblazoned with the dragon of the Legio Draconis.


Adelina “Adeline” Aurelius is the daughter of generalissimus legatus Faustus Aurelius. She began a career in the army at an early age, due in part to her father’s considerable military influence, and only after years of being dissuaded by him. She served for many years as signifarius in one of Aurelius’ legions, but had trouble advancing further in the ranks despite her natural skill. Although this was in some part due to her being female, she largely failed to advance because of her antagonistic relationship with her father, who refused to allow her command of any unit greater than a cohort.

She now serves the Roman army as legatus legiones in the new province of Atlanta. Her first priority is the safety of her city and the loyalties of her soldiers, although her loyalty to Rome seems shaky at times. She makes a point of remembering legionaries by name, and always thanks them for their work when they report to her.

Adeline wears a wedding ring, but she was certainly unaccompanied upon her arrival in the New World.

Adeline Aurelius

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