Alaric Hartwin

Secretary and personal servant to Titus Caecius


A fairly long-lived elf, Alaric’s long grey hair is kept braided, the front two strands framing his angular face and green-grey eyes. He has a long lean body with a small but noticeable gut. He tends to be extremely patient, but also quite harsh when necessary or when something he is deeply passionate about is dismissed outside of polite company. Within polite political company though his training keeps his face serene and his emotions in check.
He is extremely cool and collected and very to the point, using all necessary formalities, but no more and no pandering. The few times he breaks his cool are those topics where he will remember someone who has passed away, including any of his old masters, including Titus’ parents, at which he will cry or when someone in a private situation speaks ill of a matter he is deeply passionate about, in which case his voice is raised while maintaining his curt and somewhat clipped manner of speech.


Originally born in Germania, Alaric came from a long line of dedicated servants and as such was trained from a very young age in the art of managing a household’s affairs. When he was taken on by the Caecius family he was deeply honoured. A couple of years later, when Titus was born he was tasked with managing the child’s growth, development and education. He was also to ensure the child never left the house.
Over the years he became Titus’ father figure. When the Caecius’ house burned down and the rest of the family perished, Titus claimed that it was thanks to Alaric he survived. In the years since he has supported Titus’ political ambitions and has become his secretary and unofficial advisor.

Alaric Hartwin

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