Quetzalcoatl forced out of her home and taken in by Adeline


In human form, Chel is a pale beauty with vibrant red hair, recently cut short for combat. In her natural form, Chel is a 12-ft long winged serpent with two sets of rainbow-colored wings and jade scales.


Chel was rescued by the group in a native camp a few days walk from Atlantis. She had been held captive within an anti-magic field, as the Carib elders considered her a dangerous spirit – neither to be trusted nor to be killed. When freed from the camp, Chel seemed mute but could communicate images telepathically and learned Latin within weeks. These strange abilities only became weirder as the group learned she could effortlessly see the flow of magic and could conjure food or heal wounds without the usual tools of magic.

During a boat ride from Atlantis to the mainland, Chel revealed to Adeline that not only was she no human but she was what mortals call a goddess – a great-granddaughter of the mighty God Kukulkan. At an encounter with another of her kind, Chel was outed as a non-mortal and told the group that she had been forced to flee from her home to live among mortals.

Chel continues to aid the group in their exploration of Maya territory, finally learning firsthand about the people who worship her kind. She has grown especially close with Adeline over these adventures.


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