Fela Quietus Volcatia

Ranger with a fiery temper and one of Titus Caecius' retainers


Bulky for a razorclaw, Fela is nonetheless decisively quick and an excellent shot. She wears her brown hair long and in a single braid, tying the bangs into small braids that are themselves attached to the main braid at the back. Her eyes are normally a dark green, though when she shifts these change to a golden yellow. She has a tanned skin tone which matches the colour of any fur she sprouts.
She can be quite rash and hot-headed.
Fela’s tendency is to say very little and her resting mood could be considered somewhat akin to brooding. Since joining up with Titus, her mood has slowly been improving generally, but years of hard training and isolation have left her with an extreme awkwardness whenever she tries to interact socially. Any perceived insult (which is to say the smallest of infractions) has a chance of a tongue-lashing from the socially insecure razorclaw, though these have also begun to diminish in number since joining Titus.


Fela had a pair of happy parents in her childhood. Then her mother died in a bear attack when she was still quite young. Her father was a hunter by trade, but he realized he couldn’t defeat the beast on his own. So he began to train his daughter in the ways of a hunter. When she was ready the two of them set out to avenge her mother. Unfortunately their foe turned out to be an owlbear and her father perished in the fight. As he died he told her he was proud of her, driving her forward for the rest of her life, believing that state to be fine. However, her inability to save her father’s life drove her to pick up basic medical training.
In the subsequent years she’s developed a respect in her home village. One that wasn’t shared by visitors who disregarded her for being female. This got her into a vicious fight once that brought her before Titus’ court. She was found guilty of instigating the fight, though only through severe insults worthy of their own crimes. She was fined with community service along with her two opponents. During her community service Titus befriended her and offered her a place as his bodyguard.

Fela Quietus Volcatia

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