The Centurions

Adeline's right hands. All four of 'em.


The Centurions


Marcus, Flavia, Cornelia and Sextus are four legionaries who have been friends since childhood. Their group had the (mis)fortune of accompanying Adeline on an excursion which resulted in the capture of a Mayan artifact. Adeline chose to disobey her mandate to send all artifacts directly back to Rome, and rather than dispose of the legionaries for their role in the matter, Adeline decided to promote them to Centurion and keep them as her personal soldiers.

Cornelia and Sextus

Cornelia and Sextus are in charge of overseeing Titus’ villa outside of Primaterra. Sextus is the more troublesome one of the two, always playing jokes on Cornelia to lighten the mood. Although she would never admit it, Cornelia secretly appreciates the effort.


Marcus is Adeline’s right hand in the city, and is slowly being groomed to replace her aquefarius. He fought in the battle against the dragon at Titus’ mansion, and was instrumental in the promotion of the Legio Draconis. When Adeline is not in Atlantis, she communicates with Marcus by tree dagger every few days, and gives him orders on her behalf. Marcus always makes sure to update Adeline on the state of affairs in the cities, and Adeline gives him updates on the wellbeing of the other centurions in return. Marcus was the first of the centurions to be promoted to signifarius.


Flavia is Adeline’s personal guard, and accompanies her wherever she goes. She is a very devout Christian and is generally more reserved than your average soldier. She would go to the end of the earth if Adeline asked it of her, and fights tirelessly to protect her commander in battle. Like Marcus, Flavia has also been promoted to signifarius.

Since joining the adventuring party, Flavia has fallen deeply in love with Theo. Neither of them seem willing to approach the other, to the perpetual frustration of Adeline (and anybody else whose perception bonus isn’t in the negatives).

The Centurions

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