Titus Caecius Infernus

Pro-Praetor Provincialis and new Senator for the Province of Atlanta


A smooth rather boyish face for a man and a medium-sized pair of black horns twisting slowly backwards from his forehead. Thick black hair kept cut short and egyptian features with bright yellow eyes with flecks of red.
His body is almost bone-thin, though he does still manage to adequately fill out his toga. Exceptionally quick-witted he is known for passion and natural leadership.
He speaks in a whisper because his vocal cords were damaged in the fire his family died in.


Titus’ existence was revealed to the world when his parents’ house burned down, taking them with it. Since his father was a senator, he took on that position upon his father’s death and has been a tough political opponent ever since, rising quickly to greater and greater positions of power. All of this in spite of his or perhaps because of his demonic appearance.
He also managed to get a prominent politician to admit to some pretty damning charges on the senate floor, helping secure his advancement and election to Praetor Provincialis. All this by the time he reached the age of 36.
Since his beginnings with adventuring he has worked to support his companions from afar as it became necessary for his political image. He went to Rome to petition for a place in the senate for Atlanta but can be reached when necessary.

Titus Caecius Infernus

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