Wesley Illica

Looks like someone needs a doctor.


Wesley is a human male with cropped black hair, brown eyes, and a friendly face. Or at least he was, before he got his arm blown off. Now that he’s been brought back from the dead, he could look like anyone.

Wesley is a fire genasi with bright red hair and red skin. He is fairly tall, and keeps his hair cut short.


Wesley is the late husband of Adeline Aurelius.

Wesley Illica grew up in a poor village in Britannia, with his mother, father, and four sisters. When he was twelve years old, the village was struck with an epidemic which wiped out nearly three quarters of its population. Wesley’s parents and younger sister were among the afflicted, though Wesley had yet to show symptoms. The total eradication of the town was prevented by a visiting Roman doctor, Marcus Soranus, who saw the early stages of the disease for what it was and immediately set up a quarantine zone within the town. Although the disease had no cure, Wesley was inspired by Soranus’ tireless devotion in the face of such widespread death. Wesley’s family did not survive the outbreak, and with nothing left for him in his town, Wesley begged Soranus to let him become his apprentice. The two left Britannia together.

Once they left Britannia, Wesley began to realize that Soranus practiced without a medical licence, often performing back-alley surgeries and giving rudimentary drugs to those without access to proper health care. As it turns out, Soranus was a disgraced military doctor who was discharged and had his license revoked after an incident with a visiting former dignitary. Wesley started out with small tasks, like holding patients positions during surgery, and slowly learned about human anatomy and medicine from the odd patients him and Soranus would seek out to treat.

Wesley showed promise in the medical field, but there was only so much he could learn without access to proper education and facilities, so when Soranus died six years later of leukemia, Wesley sought out employment so that he could afford passage into the college of physicians. Given his low status of birth, his jobs rarely paid him the sums he required, which after many years led him to enlist in the military.

His prior experience with rudimentary surgery allowed him to perform some emergency triages in the field, saving the lives of two fellow legionaries. Despite his experience with blood and pain, Wesley was not prepared for the sheer chaos and fear he encountered on the battlefield. His medical talents remained unrecognized, though he did what he could whenever he encountered a legionary who couldn’t get to a field doctor in time. This endeared him to his century, but Wesley never acquired a taste for battle or proficiency as a soldier.

He fell in love with and eventually married Adelina Aurelius after months of military skirmishing in Gotha. Against her wishes, he made their marriage known to her father, Faustus Aurelius, who in his anger transferred Wesley to the navy in Roma Atlanta. There he learned of the Mayan threat, and included that information in his letters to his wife.

Wesley was listed as killed in action by the Navy, with “cannon fire” cited as cause of death. His arm, blown apart by the sheer force of the blast, was recovered by Roman military. Wesley managed to escape with a few soldiers, who ultimately found their way to the island of Millex, a lesser goddess. There he managed to build a boat with the ultimate goal of returning to Atlantis and reuniting with his love. Unfortunately, his ship wrecked on the voyage back, and Wesley succumbed to a watery grave.

Wesley has been forcibly brought back from the dead although nobody knows his whereabouts or even his appearance as a fire genasi, and has since reunited with Adeline.

Wesley Illica

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