Friedrick Uthgerd Carson Kielsberg VI

A rather insensitive yet brilliant gnome alchemist adventurer


Not particularly attractive, Friedrick has a very large and pronounced nose, upon which sit a small pair of spectacles, a much larger pair of goggles upon his head, framing his distinctive widow’s peak. His shock of grey-white hair stands out and is plastered down only where the goggle straps force it. In addition, his face appears to be almost permanently blackened save for where the goggles sit around his eyes.
In terms of clothes, Friedrick wears primarily deep green, particularly a large cloak filled with pockets. His clothes seem especially well suited for travelling and are quite sturdy leather. This includes a bandolier of vials containing inactive explosive components and a belt where he stores prepared extracts.
In addition, he is accompanied by a large mechanical boar named Brutus and a mechanical Capuchin monkey called Cassius. Both have received a variety of upgrades to their standard allotment. Brutus in particular has a great many compartments and an interior heat source hot enough to help turn sand into glass, an activity he must regularly engage in to keep his supply of vials full. (The fire comes from Brutus’ ass)

(In case it was missed, check the acronym with his name).


Originally from a wealthy merchant family, he left on a journey to the new world where he hired a few adventurers and set off into the wilderness. There they came across some marvellous monuments and managed to find some intriguing samples of local culture. However, as they began to leave they were abruptly surrounded by locals who did not approve of their intrusiveness and promptly slaughtered them all.
The next thing he knew was waking up with a powerful magic user looking down on him. However, he didn’t fully recall who he was or where he’d come from. To make matters worse, it turns out he’d been reincarnated as a gnome. This made it harder for him to remember who he was.
He spent a few years among the locals, learning much of the art of potion-making and giving him the chance to experiment with a variety of different compounds and styles under the supervision of the one who’d brought him back. He also spent those years gradually remembering the details from his life until he knew enough to want to return to that society.
He left his new home and travelled back to Atlantis. Nobody believed him though and even when he ran into a family member, despite being able to recall details from their life, she didn’t believe him, though she gave him some funds to keep quiet about some of the more personal details he knew.
From there he decided to open a shop servicing adventurers and the military in Atlantis, focusing on the alchemical and potions. During this time he further experimented with some of the more odd ingredients recovered by the adventurers that returned, using them to increase his stock and going out with them from time to time. Partially because of the difficulty of a particular ingredient, partially for the fun of it and partially to ensure the Toltec remained undisturbed. Sometimes that involved making sure the adventurers never returned at all.

Friedrick has a habit of leading adventurers who get to close to the Toltec to their demise, something he attempted with his most recent travelling companions. His attempts were foiled however and he now resides in their villa as a companion, strapped to a wall.

Friedrick Uthgerd Carson Kielsberg VI

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