Quetzal Tlanextoca

A revered Aarakocra Druid discontent with the way of the world


Quetzal was born an Aarakocra with the plumage of a quetzal bird and as such was interpreted to be related to the Quetzalcoatl deities of the Toltec empire.

Quetzal is quite open and honest when it comes to most topics, though they do sometimes avoid particular topics of conversation in certain company.

They have no personal connection to any gender and consider themselves gender neutral. In addition, they have almost no strong sexual feelings in any direction.


When Quetzal was a young child, a man visited them and left this ring with the priests, after speaking with the priests at some length.
All he left other than the ring is his name – Xiuteotl.
One thing that would have stood out about Xiuteotl is that he was dressed as a noble but had skin lighter than anyone Quetzal would have met among the Tollan and a beard.

They were born an aarakocra with godly plumage and as such were raised almost entirely within the central religious order. They learned everything about the religion, its beliefs and systems. They also travelled throughout the entirety of the empire, viewed as a representative of their gods and used as propaganda wherever they went.

Their magic and their communion was of a different nature though, which they learned and discovered during their long walks in the jungle and time spent within natural areas. This magic was expanded upon by a tutor who passed himself off as a member of the order, given the task of instructing Quetzal. However he took it upon himself to help instil a sense of the natural order of things in Queztal, teaching them how to properly commune with the natural and reduce its suffering.

Over the years, during their travels throughout the empire, they began to notice trends that made them uncomfortable within Toltec society, particularly with blood magic. Since the Quetzal has performed small acts of rebellion, slipping back into the shadows every time, leaving no trace of their involvement. This rebellious figure has been given a name by authorities and common folk alike: the shrouded wolf, the silent serpent or the hidden spider.

Quetzal Tlanextoca

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