Stella Vibia

Avid performer and retainer to Titus Caecius


Stella is a halfling of average size, who keeps her blonde hair short and likes to dye portions of it bright colours, resulting in some rather striking looks. She boasts a fairly plump look, taking full advantage of the food available in Titus’ company. She also has a coppery skin tone and hazel eyes that sparkle with mirth concealing her sense of solitude.
Very happy and flirtatious, Stella is ready with a wink and a hair flip to try and lighten the mood. She does quieten up when solitude or family are brought up, though only momentarily and she will do her best to cheer up anyone saddened by these facets.


She grew up in a big family and formed a strained relationship with her parents causing her to leave home early to develop her own future. After a few months of wandering she found an artistic residence where she lived for several years developing her maturity. It was only after a few years that she realized he residence was a front for a series of illegal activities. Once she learned the truth she left her home, but refused at the to,e to turn in her friends for the last few years.
Later she met Titus over the course of an investigation and he listened to her performance. He enjoyed it so much he began to visit regularly to talk and listen to her perform. He managed to convince her to testify in the case once he realized her importance. That testimony managed to shut down the front she’d lived out of and resulted in the crucification of two of the leaders, extensive community service for many of the more passive members and fines for those more involved.
Fearful of retribution for her actions, Stella agreed to Titus’ offer of patronage and now regularly travels with him as a part of his escort.

Stella Vibia

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